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Name Main Research Fields
AMEMIYA, Takashi Analyses of Complex Ecological Systems, Nonlinear Sciences
ANDO, Takatoshi Social Gerontology, Psychology of Aging, Human Animal Bond Studies
ARAMAKI, Kenji Colloid Science, Molecular Assembly of Surfactant and Amphiphilic Polymer, Emulsion
HIRATSUKA, Kazuyuki Molecular and Cellular Biology, Gene Expression, Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology, Plant Biotechnology
HONDO, Hiroki Technology Assessment, System Analysis, Life Cycle Assessment
ISHIKAWA, Masahiro Geodynamics, Tectonics, Geology
KAGAMI, Maiko Limnology, Lake, Microbiology, Biogeochemical cycle, Epidemics, Water quality, Ecosystem dynamics
KAMEYA, Takashi Environmental Safety Management, Chemical Management, Environmental Resources Management
KIKUCHI, Tomohiko Biological Oceanography, Marine Planktology, Systematics
KOIKE, Fumito Community Ecology (Assembly Rule, Canopy Structure, Mammal Effects, Evolution, Forest, Weed, Water Plants), Ecology in Urban and Rural Landscapes, Invasion Ecology
MATSUDA, Hiroyuki Environmental Ecology, Environmental Risk Management, Evolutionary Ecology, Wildlife Management, Fisheries Management
MATSUMOTO, Shinya Functional Dye Chemistry, Chemistry of Organic Molecular Crystals
MATSUMOTO, Tsutomu Information and Physical Security, Cryptology, Network Security, Biometrics, Tamper-Resistance
MIYAKE, Atsumi ((※2021.4-Trustee,Vice President)Safety Engineering, Explosion and Detonation, Physical Risk Analysis of Chemical Processes, Risk Management of Technological Systems
MIYAZAKI, Takashi Philosophy, Philosophy Emotion, Body, Descartes, Bergson
MORI, Akira Forest Ecology, Forest Ecosystem Management
MORI, Tatsunori Digital Document Processing, Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Interface
MURAI, Motohiko Design of Ocean Structures, Hydroelastic Responses of Huge Floating Structure, Hydrodynamics, Ocean Environmental Engineering
NAGAO, Tomoharu Intelligent Information Processing, Image Processing, Evolutionary Computation, Vision, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Economics, Robotics, Medical Engineering
NAKAI, Satoshi Environmental Epidemiology, Environmental Health Risk Management, Ambient and Indoor Air Pollution, Food Safety
NAKAMOTO, Atsuhiro Discrete Mathematics, Topological Graph Theory, Computational Geometry
NAKANO, Ken Tribomechanics, Frictional Dissipation Process, Dynamics of Contact Interface, Visualization Techniques, Measurement and Control Techniques
NARUMI, Daisuke Metabolic Systems of Urban Energy, Sustainable Urban and Architectural Design, Energy Innovations, Transition Management of High Technology, Urban Heat Island
NEGAMI, Seiya Topological Graph Theory, Low-Dimensional Topology, Spatial Graphs
NISHIMURA, Takashi Singularity Theory, Bifurcation Theory, Catastrophe Theory, Fractals
NOMA, Atsushi Algebraic Geometry, Projective Geometry, Vector Bundle, Homogeneous Coordinate Ring
OIKAWA, Hiroki Environmental Law, Public Policy (Environmental Policy), Public Law (Administrative Law)
OKA, Yasushi Fire Physics and Modeling, Fire Detection, Health Administration for Firefighters
OKAJIMA, Katsunori Human Vision System, Sensor-Fusion, Applied Virtual Reality, Color Information Processing, Visual Environment Designing, Gerontechnology (Aging and Welfare Engineering)
OTANI, Hiroyuki Organic Chemistry
OYA, Masaru Detergent, Detergency, Aquatic Toxicity, Consumer Information, Environmental Information
SAKAI, Akiko Plant Ecology, Forest Science, Life History Strategy, Environmental Conservation
SHIKATA, Junji Cryptography, Computational Number Theory, Computer Science, Application of Information Theory and Coding Theory, Mathematical Algorithms
SHIMODE, Shinji Biological Oceanography, Marine Planktology and Benthology, Coastal Environmental Research
SHUSA, Yoshikazu Economics, Globalization of Firms, Technology Transfer
SUZUKI, Atsushi Gel Science and Technology, Smart Hydrogels, Ecomaterials
TAMURA, Naoyoshi Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Processing
TATAMI, Junichi Ceramics, Material Science, Nano-Materials, Porous Material, Fracture Mechanics
TOMII, Takashi Data Engineering, Multimedia Database
UENO, Seiya Optimal Control of Flight Path, Attitude Control of Space Satellites, Vibration Control of Space Structures
YAMADA, Takahiro Computational Mechanics, Finite Element Method, Numerical Analysis
YASUMOTO, Masanori Product Development Management, Organization Theory, Globalization of Innovation Management, Transformation of Interfirm Relationships in Manufacturing Industries

Associate Professor

Name Main Research Fields
ENDO, Akira Regional Economics, Economic Geography, Regional Institutional Approach, Regional Policy, Nordic Economies
FUJII, Makiko Environmental Analysis, Micro-beam Analysis, Inelastic Ion-Surface Collisions, Mass Spectrometry
FUJII, Tomohiro Theoretical Linguistics, Syntactic Theory, Language Acquisition
HARASHITA, Shushi Arithmetic Algebraic Geomerry
HASEBE, Eiichi History of Chinese Science, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Chinese Astronomy
HIGUCHI, Takehiro Aerospace Engineering, Design and Control of Aerospace Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Space Robotics
HOSHINO, Yujiro Oraganic Chemistry,Synthetic Chemistry,Catalytic Chemistry
IIJIMA, Motoyuki Particle technology, Materials synthesis and processing, Surface modification, Colloids and dispersion, Composites
ITO, Akihiko Synthesis of Ceramics, Ceramic Films and Coatings, Laser and Materials Processing
IZATO, Yu-ichiro Safety engineering, Physical risk analysis of chemical processes, Modeling of combustion reactions, Chemical propulsion, Energetic materials
KASAI, Naoya Non-destructive Testing, Finite Element Simulation, Risk Based Inspection, Statistical Analysis for Industrial Accident Occurrences
KOBAYASHI, Takeshi Environmental Safety Science, Risk Information for Chemicals, Environmental Engineering
KUMASAKI, Mieko Safety Engineering, Accelerated Chemical Reaction Prevention, Risk Management of Technological Systems, Safety Culture
MATSUI, Kazumi Computational Mechanics, Multi-scale Analysis, Finite Element Method
MATSUMIYA, Masahiko Environmental Electrochemistry, Environmental-friendly Process
MIYAKE, Yuichi Risk Management
NAKAMURA, Tatsuo Plant Metabolic Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Plant Breeding for Nutritional Quality, Plant-Environment Interaction
NAKAMORI, Taizo Soil Zoology, Mycology, Soil Ecotoxicology, Soil Ecology
OGATA, Shinichi Plant Biotechnology, Plant Molecular Genetics, Plant Chromosome Engineering, Meiosis in Plants
OKUYAMA, Naoko Applied micro-economics, Applied micro‐econometrics, Public policy
OZEKI, Kenta Graph Algorithm, Graph Theory, Discrete Mathematics
SASAKI, Takehiro Community Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Grassland Ecology
SHIBUTANI, Tadahiro Reliability of Mechanical Systems, Prognostic Health Management, Physics of Failure, Strength of Materials
SHIRAISHI, Toshihiko Mechanical Dynamics, Biomechanics, Intelligent Structures and Materials, Neural Network, Complex Systems
SHIRAKAWA, Shinichi Intelligent Information Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning, Image Processing and Recognition
SHIRAZAKI, Minoru Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computational Mechanics, Parallel Computing
TANAKA, Yoshimi Soft matter physics, Rheology, Fracture mechanics, Biophysics
USHIKOSHI, Erika Analysis, Partial Differential Equations
WANI, Ryoji Paleontology, Paleoecology, Geology
YAMAMOTO, Shinji Geology, Petrology, Geochemistry, Earth History, Earth System Science
YOSHIOKA, Katsunari Network Security, Information System Security


Name Main Research Fields

Assistant Professor

Name Main Research Fields

Special Researcher

Name Main Research Fields


Name Main Research Fields
-- --

Specially Visiting Teacher (Professor)

Name Main Research Fields
-- --

Specially Visiting Teacher (Associate Professor)

Name Main Research Fields
-- --

Specially Visiting Teacher (Researcher)

Name Main Research Fields
-- --

Visiting Professor

Name Main Research Fields
HAGIWARA, Ippei Ecological system, Environemntal Business, Human Communication, Neuro-Scientific Management, Regional Electronic Money Ssystem, Business Incubation and Open Innovation
KODAIRA, Shuichi --
KURAMOCHI, Hidetoshi Chemical Engineering, Resource Circulation Engineering, Energy Recovery using Gasification, Development of Upgrade Recycle Technology

Visiting Associate Professor

Name Main Research Fields
HATAYAMA, Ken Geophysics, Earthquake Engineering
KUDOH, Yuki --
NURIYA, Mutsuo Neuroscience, Imaging, Neuropharmacology
YOSHIMURA, Tetsuya Science and Technology Policies, Regional Innovation Systems and Policies

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