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Interdepartmental Sub-Major programs

The graduate school offers an interdepartmental sub-major program to provide students with the opportunity to undertake systematic learning in fields lying outside their department (course/subject), in response to the integrated, interdisciplinary nature of a knowledge-based society as well as the needs of the individual student. Under this system, established in 2008, the gradate school recognizes the following two interdepartmental sub-major programs. Students who fulfill the prescribed completion requirements will receive a diploma and have the details of their completed sub-majors listed on their academic transcript.

Medical and Welfare Information Processing Unit

Under the Support Program for Graduate School Education entitled 'Development of Computer Scientists for Medical and Welfare Fields' adopted in 2007, students can select specialized subjects in the area of medicine and welfare provided by the Graduate School of Medicine of Yokohama City University (YCU), the YCU College of Nursing and Keio University's Graduate School of Media and Governance. Students can also undertake software developer internship programs for the purpose of brushing up on designing and programming skills. Students who complete the prescribed credits will receive a Medical & Welfare Information Processing Diploma.

International Program for Environmental Risk Management

This program provides an analysis of global risk management doctrines, basic techniques and systems based on the United Nation's Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) with the addition of Asian perspectives, and seeks to prepare graduates to establish a global network of researchers, governments, corporations and citizens with the aim of contributing to the proper management of ecological risks in developing Asian nations where there has been startling ecological destruction and deterioration of ecological services in conjunction with population growth and economic development.

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